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Health Care

Through the skills of our founder, Ge Changhai
葛长海,many leaders and famous personalities in China have experienced the benefits of our health massage.


Many forms of exercise may be beneficial for the human body’s cardiovascular and circulatory system but harmful for joints.  

Prevention of joint injuries must be done before the pain could be presented. Health massage is an effective way to prevent joint pains.  

Regarded as a form of passive exercise, it is important that individuals who are unable to exercise due to joint pains seek health massage therapy as an alternative form of exercise.  

The benefits of TCM Health massage therapy include:

  • Promoting blood circulation
  • Increasing blood vessel elasticity
  • Preventing muscle cramps
  • Improving the body immune system and many others

In 1991, Professor Lin Zongtang China Aerospace Industry Minister referral, Premier Li Peng introduced my master Ge Chang Hai 葛长海 to come to Singapore and treated Mr Lee Kuan Yew's frozen shoulder.  

MM Lee also recommended 葛长海 to do lectures at Singapore Thong Chai Hospital新加坡同济医院 for three months. More than one hundred students attended the lecture.  

Our ultimate goal is to conduct classes so that more people can learn the trade to help more people in need.