Unique Therapy

Treatment generally do not need medication or application of tincture or medicated oil, only topical "swelling powder" for swellings from sprain. " Primarily used to GE'S Chinese Orthopaedic Massotherapy, gentle approach.  

The treatment is generally not painful, pinch bars do not pinch the bone. Small part of the joint pain, or painful pinch, but not more than one minute, even for a few seconds, then relax over ten minutes, can improve symptoms.  

Our approach is different from other relaxation massage and can be described as "soft as cotton, light as a swallow, heavy as a mountain," it is a very comfortable and treatable approach.  

In the treatment experience, it is possible to improve immune function and increase endurance. There is an online reporting massage that can improve immune function "Massage like stroking, boosts the immune system in mice".  

There is one case of a leukemia patient whom has undergone our treatment for six months and his condition improved. So far, we have only one case of which their problem cannot be explained.  

Future co-operation and joint research of Chinese and Western medicine will be able to convince people.